Thursday, August 30, 2012

Edmodo Tips

In order to view an assignment, an easy way to access it is to go to Calendar (at the top of the page), find the assignment listed on the date, click it, and it gives you the details.

To complete the assignment, go to Assignments on the left side of your page.  Find assignment that is due, click it and complete. 

Since 409, 410, and 411 are all on the same Edmodo page, please always be sure you look at the prefix.  It will always start with HPE 409 if its an elementary assignment.  It will look like this:
HPE 409 (HPE 400 Block Fall 2012).  If it's a secondary assignment, it will always begin with HPE 410 etc. 

In order to get notifications on your device, go to the top of Edmodo and click Account.  A dropdown box with open.  Select Settings.  Then select where you want notifications to be sent, and check all the boxes. 

Be sure to turn on your Edmodo notifications on your iPhone.  Settings:Notifications:Edmodo:On

Hope this helps! 

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